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Bunion Surgery: Your Path Towards Freedom

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Imagine being able to walk without pain. If you have bunions, this might seem like a far-off dream — one you've long assumed you'd never be able to live again. However, with surgery, it can be your reality. For many, bunion surgery is a path towards freedom, in spite of the pain and discomfort experienced during the recovery period. Here's a closer look at the freedoms you'll experience if you choose to go through with the surgery.

Freedom to wear the shoes you want.

Are you tired of having to buy shoes a size larger or wider just to accommodate your bunions? There are probably styles you love but can't fit in. Maybe you have to buy one size larger for one foot than for the other. After surgery, your foot will be a relatively normal shape again. You can go back to wearing smaller shoes without such an overly large toebox, and you can wear the styles you like — not just whatever happens to fit best.

Freedom from splints and wraps.

How much time do you spend putting splints and wraps on your foot before sleeping or before putting your shoes on for the day? That time adds up! Right after surgery, you will need to wear a bandage for a while and then a splint for a few more weeks. But once you're fully recovered, you should be able to say goodbye to these devices. You can just put your socks on and slip your shoes on, saving time and money.

Freedom from pain relievers.

Many people take pain relievers to keep their bunion pain at bay. Maybe you occasionally take opiates when the pain gets bad, or perhaps you just pop ibuprofen pills each day. Even ibuprofen can lead to some side effects over time, such as stomach irritation. Although you will have to take some pain relievers for comfort just after surgery, after you are all healed, you should no longer need any pain relievers to manage your bunion pain. This will be better for your overall health and can reduce your risk of addiction to opiates.

Undergoing bunion surgery may seem like a big step, but it's often the right step. If you can spend a few weeks laying low and recovering, the months and years to follow will be so much better. You have endless freedoms to look forward to.

To learn more, contact a bunion surgeon.