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Diabetic Care For Your Feet: What You Need To Know

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Your feet need special care if you are a diabetic. Your feet could be affected differently than those that do not have diabetes. If you have diabetes, you aren't going to heal as easily as you would without, so all wounds and open sores need to be cared for properly, and your feet are affected most because of where they are and what they endure during the day. If you have diabetes, you should know how to care for your feet. Read on for tips and information you should be aware of. 

Protect Your Feet

You don't have to wear steel-toed boots to protect your feet, but you should definitely wear closed-toe shoes. If you are wearing flip-flops or open-toed shoes, your feet are going to be highly susceptible to foot injuries, as there is nothing at all protecting your feet and especially your toes. You need to wear shoes that protect the foot entirely, but especially your toes. If you stub your toe, it could turn into something of a disaster, as it is not going to heal as someone who doesn't have diabetes may heal. Your entire foot should be protected always, and it is going to start with wearing the right type of footwear.

Treat Injuries Properly

Your foot injuries, should you end up with one, should be treated properly. You need to be sure you are treating the wound daily and never wearing the same bandage for too many hours at a time. If you have moisture on your feet, it can turn a minor injury into an infection quickly, so you need to be sure to air out your feet often, especially when you're at home. Cover injuries when you aren't at home, or when you're up and moving about to prevent infections. If you end up with an infection, or you notice a wound is worsening, you need to have it treated by a podiatrist and report any other issues to the podiatrist as well.

Avoid Nail Salons

If you are a diabetic, you need to avoid nail salons and pedicures at these salons. Your feet are too sensitive to issues, and a nail salon could be a breeding ground for bacteria that may not affect a healthy individual the way that it may affect someone with diabetes. If your nails need to be cut or you need anything else done to them, you should either do them yourself or go to the podiatrist to have your nails cut.

If you aren't taking proper care of your feet, you could end up with infections or worse if you are a diabetic. Talk to a podiatrist to learn more about diabetic foot treatment options.